Things To Consider Before Preparing For CT Scan

Computed tomography (CT) scans are used for diagnostic purposes by combining many X-ray images to show what looks like a cross-section or slice of the body. Doctors can view both hard and soft tissue on a CT scan. Cancer, bone fractures, blood clots, and other medical disorders can all be diagnosed with these easily captured photos, which can be taken of virtually any portion of the body. 

If you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant, you should talk to your doctor before getting to a CT scan centre in Bangalore because of the radiation risk involved.

What is a CT Scan?

Computed tomography, or CT scanning, allows doctors to see an internal view of your body in high resolution. A computed tomography (CT) scan uses X-rays and a computer to create images of your body in cross-section. The device captures images in which your bones, muscles, organs, and blood arteries are “sliced” very thinly, allowing medical professionals to examine them in exquisite detail.

Most X-ray machines today still use the age-old method of directing X-rays in a single direction through a stationary tube. The quantity of X-ray energy absorbed by various tissues as it passes through the body varies. 

More dense tissues show up as whiter against the black film background. A 2D image is all that can be obtained from an X-ray. During a CT scan, the patient lies in a circular tube that rotates the X-ray in a complete circle. Insight into your bodily organs is rendered in stunning 3D by the data collected.

What Must I Do to Prepare for The CT Scan?

Consult your doctor before booking the exam at a CT Scan Centre in Bangalore if you are pregnant or may be pregnant. You and your doctor will talk about other available choices. As for your attire, you might be requested to change into a patient gown. You’ll be given a robe if that’s the case. To keep your belongings safe, we will offer you a locker. Get rid of your piercings and leave your valuables at home.

CT scans are most commonly performed with and without contrast material. The radiologist better sees images of the body’s interior once the contrast media have been administered at a CT Scan in Bangalore.

Contrast media containing iodine should not be given to all patients. Please let the access center staff member know if your renal function is impaired when you visit. You could have the scan done without contrast material or try another imaging test. 

Intravenous (IV) contrast media injection carries potential dangers and adverse effects, and you will be asked to sign a consent form outlining your understanding of these before the procedure begins.

Most CT scans with contrast involve a “double contrast study,” in which you take a contrast medium by mouth before the exam begins and receive a difference through an IV. The more contrast liquid you consume, the better the radiologist can see your digestive system in the photographs.

If you have ever had an allergic reaction to contrast media, you must communicate this to the access center representative when scheduling your CT scan. If you have ever had a severe or anaphylactic reaction to any contrast media, you will not get IV contrast. 

You should take some medicine before the CT scan if you’ve ever had a slight reaction to it. When you make your exam appointment, we’ll thoroughly review these preparations. Talking to your doctor about any allergies to contrast media is a must.

You are free to eat and drink as usual before a CT scan that your doctor has recommended without contrast. If your doctor has ordered a contrast CT scan, you should fast for three hours beforehand. Consume only clear liquids as directed. Before the test, you can also take any necessary drugs.

DIETER: Diabetics, three hours before your scheduled scan time, have a light meal or lunch. If you use oral medication to control your diabetes, you may be advised to stop using it for 48 hours before and after the CT scan. After undergoing a CT scan in Bangalore, you will receive comprehensive aftercare instructions.

Every prescription medicine should be taken as usual. The kind of preparation your doctor asks you to take will depend on your health situation. 

Have You Ever Wondered, “What Exactly Happens during a CT Scan?”

CT scans can be done as either an in-hospital procedure or as part of an outpatient visit. Your doctor will determine the specific steps required to treat your illness.

Here’s how a CT scan is typically performed:

  • You may need to don a hospital gown. You’ll be given a robe if that’s the case. All of your possessions can be stowed up safely in the included lockbox. Get rid of your piercings and leave your valuables at home.
  • Intravenous (IV) lines are started in the hand or arm to inject contrast material during required procedures. You’ll be asked to consume a liquid contrast agent for an oral contrast study. Rectally administered contrast may be necessary in some cases.
  • A scanned table, on which you will lie, will fit into the scanner’s huge, circular hole. Patients can be restrained using pillows and straps to stay still during the treatment.
  • The scanner’s controls, where the technician will be stationed, are in a separate area. However, you will always have a clear view of the technologist because of a window. Thanks to built-in speakers, the technologist can hear and converse with you during the scan. During the process, you may receive a call button if you encounter difficulties and need to notify the technologist. The technologist will keep constant vigil and be in frequent contact with you.
  • Little bursts of X-rays will flow through your body as the scanner begins to spin around you. It is usual to hear some clicking sounds.
  • Once the scanner picks up the X-rays absorbed by the body, the data is sent to a computer. The radiologist will then analyze the image created by the computer.
  • You’ll need to be ultimately still throughout the operation. You may be requested to hold your breath at specific points in the treatment.
  • If your operation requires contrast media, you may feel discomfort during the injection of the dye into your IV line. Flushing, a salty or metallic taste in the mouth, a quick jolt to the brain, and sometimes even nausea and vomiting are some of the side effects you might experience. The duration of these effects is often short.
  • If you start having trouble breathing, sweating excessively, feeling numb, or having heart palpitations, you should inform the technician.
  • You will be taken out of the scanner once the operation is finished.
  • If contrast were administered through an IV line, it would be removed.
  • While the CT scan itself does not cause any pain, patients with recent injuries or those who have undergone invasive procedures like surgery may experience some discomfort from having to lie still for the duration of the scan. The technician will take every precaution to ensure your comfort and rush through the operation to reduce any pain or distress you may have.


Before your CT scan, you must complete a brief health history form. After finishing, you may be requested to remove any metal objects, including jewellery and glasses.

You might have to change into a hospital gown before having your chest, abdomen, or pelvis scanned. Once the CT technologist determines that IV contrast is necessary for the exam, they will insert an IV line in the patient (see general instructions). A sliding table will transport you and your body into the scanner.

An average CT scan needs around five minutes of your time. Throughout this period, you must keep completely still.

Tips to Select the Right Work Table for Your Space

Your work table is where you spend the most time of your day. So, it’s essential that the table remains convenient and comfortable for you. However, how many of us get to select the right table for our workspace?

Well, it’s challenging to select the right work table for your workspace; however, some basics can get you there. You must select the table that helps maintain your body posture while aligning with your body type. A good option is to select height-adjustable tables so that your body size doesn’t become a problem.

We have a few more tips about selecting the right work table for your space. Have a read further.

How to Select the Right Work Table?

Selecting the right work table depends on multiple factors, such as the space you need on the table, your body type, your working patterns, and more. Hereinbelow are some tips to select the right work table based on your needs and requirements.

  • Select Height Adjustable Tables

Height Adjustable tables are perfect to suit your body type, and you can adjust your table according to the height you want it to be. This also gives you flexibility, like sit/stand tables, where you can adjust the height and decide if you wish to sit or stand while working.

It will be helpful to have these tables as long hours of sitting only harm you and lead to health problems. With height-adjustable tables, you can sit or stand while working, keeping you moving and your health in check.

  • Determine the Space You Need on the Table

The space area you need on the table will help you determine the table size you want. If you require a lot of space for your work, you will need a table with a larger surface area. Small tables, in that case, can feel very congested and cluttered. However, even a smaller table would do for you if you do not have many things to place on your table.

It all depends on the things you wish to place on the table. Make sure you’re not cluttering the table with unnecessary and unwanted stuff. The more organized and sophisticated your table looks, the better it is to be able to work on it.

  • Don’t Forget the Storage in Tables

You always need extra storage space in your tables to put away a few files, stationery, or other important stuff and items. So, do not forget to check the table for storage. Ensure that your work table has proper storage compartments to help you manage all your things efficiently. If you lack this storage in your table, your table might look very cluttered, and you may feel overwhelmed by all the items on the table, which will affect the quality of your work. So, it’s better to be on the safer side and pick up a table with storage so that you don’t get into any hassles regarding managing your table.

Are You Ready to Get Your Work Table?

So, these are some tips we had for helping you select the right work table for your space. It all depends on the space and needs, which you must take as a guiding factor when deciding on a work table for yourself.

We hope these tips help you out and that you find the best work table for your space. Don’t forget to check out InvisibleBeds for the best deals and offers on sturdy, classic, and space-saving work tables.


Miocado Employee Login Guide At

Mi Ocado is an online web portal only designed for Ocado group members. Mi Ocado provides a feature that can use for its employees’ benefit. The owners of Ocado use MiOcado to pay their staff and members and see their payroll. 

They usually use this portal to monitor their staff members’ data and their pay, how much they will pay, employees’ leaves, holidays, etc. 

Mi Ocado web portal requires account credentials to login into the dashboard. If you find any issues logging in to the Mi Ocado portal, this article will guide you through the complete process. It is the complete step-by-step guide for Miocado login at

What is Ocado?

Ocado is a company that was founded by Jonathan Fairman, Tim Steiner, and Jason Gissing. Ocado is a company that works on online supermarkets and is one of the largest in the field. 

The head office of Ocado is located in Hatfield, England. Ocado doesn’t have any store available in the United Kingdom, and it has only a warehouse from where they deliver items. Ocado uses Miocado to pay their members and see their payroll.

Ocado Benefits For Employees

  • Employee Discount

If you are an employee of Ocado, you will get a discount on online shopping and deliveries. And also, many holiday offers are specially made for employees.

  • Life Insurance

After employment, Ocado processes your life insurance plans based on the employee level.

  • Health Insurance

You will get health insurance after you join the Ocado company. 

  • Sick Pay

Ocado employees can apply for sick leave if they are ill to go to work. 

  • Bike To Work 

It is a scheme that many other companies do not offer. To improve the employees’ health, the company has this plan and recommends the employees come by bike.

Requirements To Login To Mi Ocado

Below are the steps that are the basic requirement to log in to Mi Ocado.

  • There should be a good internet connection to use the Miocado web portal.
  • You need a good browser to access the Micocado web portal on your PC.
  • It would help if you had your username and password to login into Mi Ocado.

Mi Ocado Login – Step-By-Step Guide

If you want to log in to MiOcado, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Mi Ocado website on your browser and click on Log in
  • Then fill in your Username and Password
  • Click on the login button to sign in to your account. 
  • You will now be able to access the MiOcado dashboard.

Ocado Employee Support

If you are facing any issues with the services of Ocado, you can contact Ocado Employee support to solve the problem you face. You can contact employee support through the following methods-

Office Address:

Buildings 1 & 2 Trident Place, Hatfield Business Park

Mosquito Way, Hatfield AL10 9UL

United Kingdom

Phone Number:

  • Technical Support Toll-Free Number- +44 (0) 1707 227 800
  • Customer Service Number- +44 (0) 345 656 1234

Email Address & Website:

  • Email address for Salaried Jobs – [email protected]
  • Email address for Warehouse and Driver Jobs – [email protected]
  • Company Website –
  • Contact Page- Link

Final Words

Following these steps, you can log into the Mi Ocado platform. We hope this guide helps you with the MiOcado Employee login process and accessing your account dashboard. 

How To Purchase The uPVC Doors And Windows?

UPVC windows and doors have replaced mainly traditional wooden and grill doors. They have not only set a level for themselves for world-class doors but also have ranked themselves as one of the most loved fenestration solutions. The uPVC windows and doors are mostly chosen over their competitors due to their exceptional qualities.

Upvc is a form of plastic that is rigid, resistant and non-flexible in its demeanor. The material is proven to offer excellent durability and performance, and there’s no need for way too much maintenance. These are the reasons why UPVC is so widely recognized for its outstanding properties alongside sound insulation and thermal efficiency. They offer real value for money.

The UPVC doors and windows are unmatched in the perfect material for producing windows and doors for homes and commercial properties alike. If you wish to install them in your home and office, following a detailed guide will help you make informed choices.

So listed below are some tricks and tips to purchase the upvc doors and windows:  

  • Check the quality

Quality plays a very critical factor in determining whether you wish to purchase a product or not. The uPVC windows and doors are no exception either. Whether you are looking for aesthetically appealing doors or highly functional uPVC sliding windows, the prime focus should be paid to the quality. As there are many uPVC windows and door suppliers available, zeroing in only on the most reputed and well-established ones can be quite a cumbersome task. 

  • Strength

Windows and doors have to withstand a lot of pressure. Be it rains or snows or years of scorching sunlight and soaring temperatures or anything in-between; they have to go through everything. So much resistance often requires high maintenance and repairs resulting in a lot of expenditure. You can cut down on the same by planning smartly. Source out windows and doors by leading uPVC doors and windows manufacturers as they are reliable, stable and durable, which helps curate some of the sturdiest windows and doors that easily stand the test of time.

  • Sound Capacity

If you reside in a busy place full of the hustle and bustle of the city and cracking horns, then you must install uPVC sliding windows and doors. They come along with enhanced sound insulation capacity. Some of these doors and windows are triple coated and are fixed using silicone sealants and rubber gaskets for sound-proof ambiance. They help reduce terrible sound pollution considerably, in turn guaranteeing a healthy living environment for you and your family.

  • Security

uPVC windows and doors are already more safe and secure as compared to their counterparts. These doors and windows don’t rot, rust, damage or become weak quickly. For enhanced security, you can opt for even better options like laminated uPVC doors and windows. Source out windows with highly secure galvanized steel reinforcements and are enforced with multi-point locking systems to offer high-level intrusion resistance. 

  • Warranty

Sometimes even the best quality products develop functional issues within a brief period.  To avoid any such hassle, I prefer ow and door manufacturer offering at least a 10-year warranty and a one-year warranty on the hardware.

  • Energy Efficiency

Windows and doors can play an integral role in enhancing a home’s or office’s overall productivity and energy efficiency. Therefore, purchase uPVC windows and doors is made to improve the energy efficiency of the properties. Play your role in ensuring that the best is done for the planet that we live on. Look for doors and windows that have been fixed with weatherproof silicone sealants. The benefits are unparalleled as they help create an effective barrier that prevents heat loss and heat gain. Also, go for windows with rubber or TPE gaskets or both to avoid the penetration of dust and rain.

  • House-Specific Needs

Be it office or personalized spaces; every corner has different fenestration needs. It will depend on the climatic conditions of the region you reside in. For those living in tropical climate zones, uPVC doors with double-glazing solutions are suitable as they help keep your indoors cool and prevent heat intake. 

  • Get the Aesthetics Right 

uPVC doors offer excellent design flexibility. This makes them aesthetically appealing. The choices available are endless. From casement doors to sliding doors to French doors to Dutch doors, the availability of designs is permanent. Based on your décor style, choose an appropriate door that in turn alleviate your home’s visual appeal. 

  • Professional Installation 

As for the quality of your uPVC door, the quality of your installation should be top-notch without any compromise.  Buying a high-quality uPVC door is of no avail if the building isn’t up to the mark. Make sure to employ professionals only as this shall ensure that you have available quality delivered. Structure, when done using the right tools, sealant, and expertise, will provide nothing short of highly open uPVC doors.


uPVC windows and doors are unique installations due to a myriad of reasons. To buy the most appropriate uPVC windows and doors for homes and offices may need a lot of effort. Hence buyers must keep the points mentioned above in their mind before actually going out to purchase uPVC windows and doors.

How will future energy storage work? Five alternatives to grid-scale lithium-ion batteries.

There’s a lot we are dealing with in the global platform as we talk about the global cost of storage batteries and how they continue to fall. There have been many aspects to it and many changes over time that demand nothing but a little intervention. Yet when it comes to future energy storage methods, a look beyond lithium-ion batteries can open a pathway to a wealth of innovative solutions. That is partly because the current lithium-ion batteries achieve a maximum of storage that lasts for four hours. This makes it a very frustrating and tough ordeal for large-scale wind and solar power projects. This also furthermore creates a rift for baseload energy when wind and sun aren’t available.

Here is a look at the five breakthrough forms of energy storage that are being trialled by renewable energy companies looking for renewable alternatives to grid-scale energy.

  1. Compressed air in use as renewable power storage.

Many companies use electricity to compress air with water. This, in turn, generates heat which is in turn stored. The heat, further when released, forces water through a turbine generator. This converts the energy back into electricity. The energy used to compress the air is generally renewable, and this results in a system that emits no emissions, making it a suitable alternative.

  1. Liquid air storage for solar power.

If one wishes to, there are many alternatives that they can wish to choose from given the recent advancements in the field of science and the ways energy can be harvested. The power that is being talked about uses liquid air for energy storage. This form of energy is way cheaper and longer-lasting than lithium-ion batteries. Many places are now using a recent innovation to use off-peak electricity to chill air to around -196°C.

This is then followed by storing the same in metal tanks in a liquid state. It is also worth mentioning that pumping and heating turn the liquid back into gas. This releases energy to drive a turbine, and the result is creating clean electricity as and when needed. Various such initiatives are now taken to promote these healthy alternatives. Also, there are various setups by the commercial plants in many powerful countries that have already begun to take the initiative to make more amends to their power sources.

  1. Gravitational mine energy that promotes the idea of renewable energy storage.

Many well-renowned names are experimenting with gravitational energy with the smart use of mine shafts. There are reportedly companies that are hard at work on a 50-ton demonstrator.

The process in talks uses renewable energy to lift a weight within a mine shaft. The weight could even be as huge as that of 3,000 tons. The weight then falls, which in turn releases electricity that lasts as long as eight hours. The winches and cables are also estimated to have a life of around five decades. This can be a potential winner for future energy storage. As more and more efforts pour in to perfect this, there’s a possible chance of this process taking over other forms of alternatives.

  1. Future energy storage with the aid of pressurised water.

There have been many eminent power companies who have been brainstorming ideas to store energy using pressurised water. This plan in turn requires a steel-jacketed piston made of rock and concrete. The weight of this requirement may weigh up to 8.5 million tons.

The piston releases pressure that in turn unleashes the stored energy. It also drives a turbine creating electricity that lasts up to 16 hours. As the companies progress further there are possibilities of setting up a demonstration plant for this future energy storage method.

  1. Tower block gravity

Mostly the giant Swiss companies are involved in this idea of alternative power source.  They have been constantly working on a more complex version of the Gravitricity model through various modifications like the use of tower blocks.

For starters, the storage process works by stacking thousands of 38-ton blocks. This is then sent to a tower that can reach up to 160m in height. Mostly a robotic crane is administered in the process which then plucks them off the tower and lowers them to the ground. The weight of the blocks is what is used to drive the generators. Though many were sceptical, the system can deliver as much as 80 MWh of electricity. This can produce power around 60,000 homes for an impressive span of 16 hours.

Many global leaders have put in efforts to balance the intermittency of renewable energy in electric grids. This has been achieved by utility-scale batteries, mostly lithium-based. But now as time goes by there are innovations to help in adding storage all the while making renewable energy more profitable,

The Story behind origin of Uniform Civil Code (UCC)

The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is a code that comes under Article 44 of the Constitution. The UCC has the power for formulation of one law for the whole of the nation. This law shall be applicable for all communities irrespective of their faith, belief and religion. These codes delve into matters ranging from marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption and so on. The code is solely aimed at the unification of India and shall endeavour to secure a single law for all the citizens throughout the territory of India.

This issue has been considered so important that it has been placed at the centre of political narrative and multiple debates for over a century. This also is to be kept in mind that the ruling party now, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has had it as their prime focus and has been pushing for its legislation in Parliament. The saffron party was the first to promise the implementation of Uniform Civil Code provided that it was elected to power.  

Importance of Article 44. 

The purpose of Article 44 of the Directive Principles in the Indian Constitution was to address bigotry. Discrimination was often faced by minorities and other vulnerable groups. The article somehow was a source of safeguarding and promoting harmony among diverse cultural groups spread across the country. Dr B R Ambedkar, while formulating the Constitution focused on the fact that a UCC is certainly desirable given the secular status of the country but for the moment it should remain voluntary. The UCC was incorporated in the Constitution as an aspect that would be later fulfilled when the nation would be at the social forefront of accepting it.

The story behind the Origin of Uniform Civil Code. 

The origin of the UCC dates back to colonial India when the country was ruled by the British government. There was apparent frustration among the ruling government given the vast diversity of the country and how almost every section had a rule for its governance, mostly influenced by religion. There were reports submitted in 1835 that thoroughly stressed uniformity in the codification of Indian law relating to crimes, evidence, and contracts. The emphasis was placed specifically on the fact that the personal laws of Hindus and Muslims be kept outside such codification.

These convoluted issues amalgamated together forced the British government to form the B N Rau Committee. This committee was given the power to code Hindu law in 1941. The task of questioning the necessity of common Hindu laws was handed over to the Hindu Law Committee. The committee, by scriptures, recommended a codified Hindu law, the focus was put on giving women equal rights. The 1937 Act was reviewed and this progressed into a civil code of marriage and succession for Hindus.

Know the personal laws that made UCC a necessity: 

 Laws that apply to a certain group of people mostly influenced by religion or other factors like caste, faith, and belief are known as personal laws. These laws are crafted after due consideration of customs and religious texts. The personal laws of Hindus and Muslims are sourced from their respective religious ancient texts.

 In Hinduism, personal laws govern legal issues related to inheritance, marriage, adoption, obligations of sons to pay their father’s debts, the partition of family property, and so on. In Islam, personal laws apply to matters relating to inheritance, succession, marriage, wakfs, dowry, divorce, and so on taking roots from Quran.

What reforms shall the Uniform Civil Code bring?

The UCC aims to protect vulnerable sections like women and other minorities, all the while promoting secularity via unity. When enacted the code will work to simplify laws while keeping away religious intervention. The code will simplify the complex laws making them one for all.  It shall apply to all citizens irrespective of their faith.

Pichwai Paintings: A timeless addition to your homes

A traditional art form that originated from Rajasthan, the pichwai paintings have been there for almost five centuries. The paintings feature the life stories of Lord Krishna or Shreenath Ji. Intricate in their nature, these paintings use dark rich hues on fabrics and are made with unmatched precision, intricacy and devotion.

Dipped in deep religious roots, these paintings are more than mere wall hangings. The artist’s devotion to the craft and the stories behind the paintings puts a lot more into them. The rural artisans execute every piece of art with divine devotion. Though the stories of Lord Krishna are varied, some of the most common depictions include Lord Krishna in the incident featuring him holding the huge Govardhan hill on his tiny pinkie finger. Also quite often other forms of stories from the lives of Shri Krishna are taken up and represented in the most vivid and artistic ways. All these features coupled up have placed pichwai paintings as one of the most loved and appreciated pieces of paintings globally. Hence it isn’t unusual to come across a large number of people wanting to add these paintings on their house walls or deity worshipping rooms.

Deeper insight on these century-old firm of paintings:

The pichwai paintings originated somewhat 500 years ago in the town of Nathdwara, Rajasthan. They relate themselves to the mischiefs, wisdom and the miracles of Lord Krishna in his sheath avatar. An absolute charmer, Lord Krishna was unparalleled in the way he handled every form of life crises. From being the ultimate protector for his people to warding off every form of evil, to serving every devotee of his whenever called with love and utmost devotion, Lord Krishna had life stories that would go on and on. These paintings are an escapade of one of the most celebrated incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The love and devotion of the artists give the portraits an aura of spirituality and the results are intricate with a visually appealing finish. 

Authentic Pichwai paintings: 

Authentic pichwai paintings may take up to months before they are completed. Dipped in intricate designs and vivid colours, the effort that is required to complete these paintings turn them into nothing short of masterpieces. These paintings can look stunning in almost every part of the house. From the tales of Krishna to Radha ranu, gopis, cows, festivals like Sharad Purnima, Raas Leela, Govardhan Puja, Janamashtami Celebrations, Gopasthami, Nand Mahotsav, Holi and Diwali, the themes are endless. Such an enormous list of themes help you select the perfect picture of your backdrop. 

Modern modifications of Pichwai:

The greyscale

With modifications that almost all artforms have to go through, the pichwai paintings are no different. One can also opt for a greyscale version of these artworks. These works often explore the actual 24 divine forms of Shreenathji. The Mughal artwork or miniature styles are used to depict the Lord in his full glory. 

Pichwai silken variants

As the global market surges with new ideas to keep alive some of the oldest art forms, they go through modifications and such is the case with pichwai paintings. The imaginative zealots are looking into the process of using the same for natural fabrics to accentuate the positive impact of the same. The variants utilized are silk and paper at times combined with natural stones to bring alive the story of forests and Lord Krishna. Sometimes a monochromatic framework is used to give a raw look to the same.

The use of Pichwai for home decor needs. 

The pichwai paintings are an excellent way to illuminate your walls and bring in magnificence and spiritual fervour. It also accentuates the overall ambience of the house and deems it fit for forming spiritual connections, ensuring everyone’s well being. The labour-intensive process of creating these highly intricate paintings can easily uplift your home and its elegance instantly. Apart from gold foil, the other differential features of the pictures include – big and broad eyes, a big nose and a heavy body. The idea is sourced directly from the tales of Lord Krishna and bought into a beautiful, charming home decor item.

Bamboo diapers – Eco friendly and biodegradable diapers

Mommies are too conscious about the products they use for their babies. When compared to the olden days, growing a baby is much easier with the products available in the market. But finding the best baby care items is not that easy because the response to these products is not the same with every baby. For working parents, it is not easy to monitor their kids all the time. Providing the best baby care products is the only option they have. While growing up a baby, you may have to make many changes in the baby care items you use. Either it may be a quality or price matter, the major concern is to choose the one that comforts their baby.

New moms get excited and nervous when the previous diaper brand resulted in rashes. No one can understand the mechanism of diapers unless they are experienced with their first kid or seen by someone else. To those new moms, I would like to suggest organic products i.e Bamboo Diapers. Most of the diapers available in the market are not biodegradable but Bamboo diapers are completely disposable. In fact, cloth diapers are too good when compared to these diapers. But the modern parent doesn’t agree with this as they don’t have time to invest in reusable diapers.

In that concern, Bamboo diapers came into play because they are fully biodegradable.

Bamboo Diapers

From newborn to 3 years, parents will be tired of monitoring their baby’s diapers. You know that diapers create a messy thing as they are not degradable. It not only spoils the environment but also your health slowly. While using cotton diapers is the best idea to overcome environmental issues but not every parent is free to deal with reusable products. So Bamboo diapers are the only product that can solve your issues today. These diapers are derived from natural sources so you can easily dispose of them. In terms of absorbency and softness, bamboo diapers are the best than cotton ones.

Bamboo diapers are natural nappies made free of chemicals. These are made with a unique design consisting of three layers to keep your baby dry for a longer period. Has a fully breathable back sheet so no mom needs to worry about diaper rashes. The change in the color of the diaper will let you know the fullness so that you can change from time to time.

Eco- friendly and Biodegradable Diapers

Bamboo is grown naturally without any pesticides or chemicals while cotton is made with more of them. The fabric made of bamboo is called Rayon Fabric. A recent study reveals that it takes nearly 500 years to decompose the diapers. So that is a big carbon footprint you will never notice. It is the duty of every parent to check the environmental effects of using diapers. When you are able to take care of babies, just use cloth diapers. In other times, using Bamboo diapers is the only choice parents have. While bamboo diapers take 75 days to completely decompose and are an environmentally friendly product.

Why Bamboo product?

For many years, people have been using various diaper brands and got stuck with them. Even if babies were facing several diaper issues, moms are somehow handling them. But the worries got a break with an improved version of Bamboo nature diapers.

  • Bamboo is gaining its audience due to the sustainability and comfort of the product.
  • Coming to cotton diapers, it is grown using some pesticides but Bamboo is obtained naturally.
  • The fabric made from bamboo is too soft and strong compared to cloth.
  • Bamboo absorbs faster than cotton and highly breathable.
  • The smell of bamboo fabric smells good than that of cotton.
  • Available in different sizes from newborns to kids weighing 30kgs.


  • Rashes free diapers and maintain soft skin.
  • Works for all babies having sensitive skin.
  • Fully biodegradable and Environmental friendly diapers.
  • Available in all sizes for toddlers.
  • Keeps your baby drier, healthy, and odor-free.
  • Can be used overnight without any overnight changing issues.
  • Bamboo diapers are breathable and thin so it doesn’t affect your baby walking style.
  • Irritation free and offers more comfort to the baby.
  • Bamboo diapers absorb 70% more than cotton diapers.
  • Can stand up even after heavy wetting and doesn’t leak that easily.
  • The material used in the diapers is antibacterial and antimicrobial.
  • Has more elasticity to comfort your baby.
  • Indicates the wetness with a color change and reduces diaper changing time issues.


  • Being an international product, the availability in a local store is less.
  • Costs a bit more when compared to other brand diapers.

Things you should know about Saturn Mahadasha

Who hasn’t heard about the famous Shani deva? The worshipper of karma and a devotee of Mahadeva. Feared by some, loved by others, Shani deva is referred to as Saturn. Also referred to as Shani mahadasha or Saturn mahadasha. The Saturn mahadasha always has had well-aquatinted effects on humans and is one of the most powerful planets in the world of astrology and predictions. The planet of Saturn is the judge of the other nine planets. Hence Saturn punishes real hard for people who are involved in unlawful activities, illegitimate or illicit activities. The planet Saturn does not tolerate injustice even to the smallest of extents.

Some vital information about Shani.

Though it’s quite a huge concept to get all of it at once, yet here’s some subtle explanation as to what are the pros and cons revolving around the Saturn Vimshottari Mahadasha that has been under your radar . The Saturn mahadasha has been known to run for 19 years, while Shani Sade, the sati runs for about seven and a half years. The planet Saturn is brought by the position of it in the birth chart. When debilitated, the Saturn Vishmottari Mahadasha could be both harmful combust and plagued by malefic realms. However, contrary to the most famous beliefs, Saturn does not always cause harm. The Saturn can work out wonders when it’s on its beneficial side of the show.

An introduction to Shani Dasha or Saturn Dasha.

The Shani Dasha can bring 19 years of pain, sorrow, agony, failure and agitation. You may experience ill-luck and maybe even grilled cause of negative influence of Saturn during its mahadasha. There’s no doubt in the fact that the administration period of Saturn could be extremely harmful. The influence becomes more strenuous when there’s an issue with the placement of Saturn is not in a favourable position in the birth chart. The planet Saturn can bring the harshest results during its major period. The results might differ in its antardasha period. The malefic antardasha of planets shall be more catastrophic as compared to benefic antardasha which can be moderate.

People with a bad Saturn mahadasha have to go through a lot of hardships and obstacles. The Shani mahadasha maybe at times deadly and can bring with itself health issues, both moveable and immovable property, homelessness, fraternal fights, deceits, disloyal friends, marital discord, robbery, burglary, litigation, enmity, enormous loans, legal punishment, divine punishment, losses and so on.

The positive outcome :

We have talked about the negative impact. But on the flip side, there’s a handful of a positive impact as well.  There can be 19 years of outstanding success, monetary profits, power and social status. Though not known to many, Saturn can also be incredibly benevolent and bring about phenomenal achievements in life. The planet Shani has the power to make you a fairly rich guy and push you to the pinnacle of success in no time.  Saturn is such a planet, who through his influence can either break or make lives.

Result of Saturn Mahadasha according to ascendant (Lagna).

The planet Saturn offers both results on both sides of the spectrum according to its position in the natal chart. The native can enjoy the good result but also should be open to experiencing some bad ones. If the planet Saturn has a bad house under his reign like 6th, 8th and 12th house but posited in the exaltation and own sign, then you will reap the good effect and result. The planet Saturn is the lord of the 10th house that rules the major events in one’s life like procuring a sought after career or job.