Bamboo diapers – Eco friendly and biodegradable diapers

Mommies are too conscious about the products they use for their babies. When compared to the olden days, growing a baby is much easier with the products available in the market. But finding the best baby care items is not that easy because the response to these products is not the same with every baby. For working parents, it is not easy to monitor their kids all the time. Providing the best baby care products is the only option they have. While growing up a baby, you may have to make many changes in the baby care items you use. Either it may be a quality or price matter, the major concern is to choose the one that comforts their baby.

New moms get excited and nervous when the previous diaper brand resulted in rashes. No one can understand the mechanism of diapers unless they are experienced with their first kid or seen by someone else. To those new moms, I would like to suggest organic products i.e Bamboo Diapers. Most of the diapers available in the market are not biodegradable but Bamboo diapers are completely disposable. In fact, cloth diapers are too good when compared to these diapers. But the modern parent doesn’t agree with this as they don’t have time to invest in reusable diapers.

In that concern, Bamboo diapers came into play because they are fully biodegradable.

Bamboo Diapers

From newborn to 3 years, parents will be tired of monitoring their baby’s diapers. You know that diapers create a messy thing as they are not degradable. It not only spoils the environment but also your health slowly. While using cotton diapers is the best idea to overcome environmental issues but not every parent is free to deal with reusable products. So Bamboo diapers are the only product that can solve your issues today. These diapers are derived from natural sources so you can easily dispose of them. In terms of absorbency and softness, bamboo diapers are the best than cotton ones.

Bamboo diapers are natural nappies made free of chemicals. These are made with a unique design consisting of three layers to keep your baby dry for a longer period. Has a fully breathable back sheet so no mom needs to worry about diaper rashes. The change in the color of the diaper will let you know the fullness so that you can change from time to time.

Eco- friendly and Biodegradable Diapers

Bamboo is grown naturally without any pesticides or chemicals while cotton is made with more of them. The fabric made of bamboo is called Rayon Fabric. A recent study reveals that it takes nearly 500 years to decompose the diapers. So that is a big carbon footprint you will never notice. It is the duty of every parent to check the environmental effects of using diapers. When you are able to take care of babies, just use cloth diapers. In other times, using Bamboo diapers is the only choice parents have. While bamboo diapers take 75 days to completely decompose and are an environmentally friendly product.

Why Bamboo product?

For many years, people have been using various diaper brands and got stuck with them. Even if babies were facing several diaper issues, moms are somehow handling them. But the worries got a break with an improved version of Bamboo nature diapers.

  • Bamboo is gaining its audience due to the sustainability and comfort of the product.
  • Coming to cotton diapers, it is grown using some pesticides but Bamboo is obtained naturally.
  • The fabric made from bamboo is too soft and strong compared to cloth.
  • Bamboo absorbs faster than cotton and highly breathable.
  • The smell of bamboo fabric smells good than that of cotton.
  • Available in different sizes from newborns to kids weighing 30kgs.


  • Rashes free diapers and maintain soft skin.
  • Works for all babies having sensitive skin.
  • Fully biodegradable and Environmental friendly diapers.
  • Available in all sizes for toddlers.
  • Keeps your baby drier, healthy, and odor-free.
  • Can be used overnight without any overnight changing issues.
  • Bamboo diapers are breathable and thin so it doesn’t affect your baby walking style.
  • Irritation free and offers more comfort to the baby.
  • Bamboo diapers absorb 70% more than cotton diapers.
  • Can stand up even after heavy wetting and doesn’t leak that easily.
  • The material used in the diapers is antibacterial and antimicrobial.
  • Has more elasticity to comfort your baby.
  • Indicates the wetness with a color change and reduces diaper changing time issues.


  • Being an international product, the availability in a local store is less.
  • Costs a bit more when compared to other brand diapers.

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