Pichwai Paintings: A timeless addition to your homes

A traditional art form that originated from Rajasthan, the pichwai paintings have been there for almost five centuries. The paintings feature the life stories of Lord Krishna or Shreenath Ji. Intricate in their nature, these paintings use dark rich hues on fabrics and are made with unmatched precision, intricacy and devotion.

Dipped in deep religious roots, these paintings are more than mere wall hangings. The artist’s devotion to the craft and the stories behind the paintings puts a lot more into them. The rural artisans execute every piece of art with divine devotion. Though the stories of Lord Krishna are varied, some of the most common depictions include Lord Krishna in the incident featuring him holding the huge Govardhan hill on his tiny pinkie finger. Also quite often other forms of stories from the lives of Shri Krishna are taken up and represented in the most vivid and artistic ways. All these features coupled up have placed pichwai paintings as one of the most loved and appreciated pieces of paintings globally. Hence it isn’t unusual to come across a large number of people wanting to add these paintings on their house walls or deity worshipping rooms.

Deeper insight on these century-old firm of paintings:

The pichwai paintings originated somewhat 500 years ago in the town of Nathdwara, Rajasthan. They relate themselves to the mischiefs, wisdom and the miracles of Lord Krishna in his sheath avatar. An absolute charmer, Lord Krishna was unparalleled in the way he handled every form of life crises. From being the ultimate protector for his people to warding off every form of evil, to serving every devotee of his whenever called with love and utmost devotion, Lord Krishna had life stories that would go on and on. These paintings are an escapade of one of the most celebrated incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The love and devotion of the artists give the portraits an aura of spirituality and the results are intricate with a visually appealing finish. 

Authentic Pichwai paintings: 

Authentic pichwai paintings may take up to months before they are completed. Dipped in intricate designs and vivid colours, the effort that is required to complete these paintings turn them into nothing short of masterpieces. These paintings can look stunning in almost every part of the house. From the tales of Krishna to Radha ranu, gopis, cows, festivals like Sharad Purnima, Raas Leela, Govardhan Puja, Janamashtami Celebrations, Gopasthami, Nand Mahotsav, Holi and Diwali, the themes are endless. Such an enormous list of themes help you select the perfect picture of your backdrop. 

Modern modifications of Pichwai:

The greyscale

With modifications that almost all artforms have to go through, the pichwai paintings are no different. One can also opt for a greyscale version of these artworks. These works often explore the actual 24 divine forms of Shreenathji. The Mughal artwork or miniature styles are used to depict the Lord in his full glory. 

Pichwai silken variants

As the global market surges with new ideas to keep alive some of the oldest art forms, they go through modifications and such is the case with pichwai paintings. The imaginative zealots are looking into the process of using the same for natural fabrics to accentuate the positive impact of the same. The variants utilized are silk and paper at times combined with natural stones to bring alive the story of forests and Lord Krishna. Sometimes a monochromatic framework is used to give a raw look to the same.

The use of Pichwai for home decor needs. 

The pichwai paintings are an excellent way to illuminate your walls and bring in magnificence and spiritual fervour. It also accentuates the overall ambience of the house and deems it fit for forming spiritual connections, ensuring everyone’s well being. The labour-intensive process of creating these highly intricate paintings can easily uplift your home and its elegance instantly. Apart from gold foil, the other differential features of the pictures include – big and broad eyes, a big nose and a heavy body. The idea is sourced directly from the tales of Lord Krishna and bought into a beautiful, charming home decor item.

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